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Why Choose Zone Offroad Suspension

Zone Offroad kits are strong, reliable and affordable and when matched up with the Outback Kitters Remote Reservoir Shocks, you have a lift kit that's been refined to withstand the harsh Australian conditions.

Why install a lift kits?

Lift kits serve multiple purposes, ranging from practical functionality to aesthetic preferences. Here are some reasons why lift kits are commonly used on American trucks.

Off-Road Capability

Lift kits elevate the truck's body, providing increased ground clearance. This additional clearance allows trucks to navigate rough terrain more easily without scraping the underside or getting stuck on obstacles like rocks, logs, or uneven ground. Off-road enthusiasts often install lift kits to enhance their truck's capability for activities such as rock crawling, trail riding, and mud bogging.

Larger Tyres

Lift kits accommodate larger tyres, which further contribute to off-road performance and provide a more aggressive appearance. Bigger tyres offer improved traction, flotation over soft terrain like sand or mud, and better handling on rough surfaces. The lifted stance also allows for better clearance for these larger tyres, reducing the likelihood of rubbing against the wheel wells during suspension articulation.

Towing and Hauling

Some truck owners install lift kits to level the truck's stance when towing heavy loads or hauling cargo. When a truck is loaded with weight in the bed or hitched to a trailer, it can cause the rear end to sag. A lift kit can help maintain a level stance, ensuring proper weight distribution and improving stability while towing or hauling.

Visual Appeal

Lifted trucks have a distinct appearance that appeals to many enthusiasts. The elevated stance, coupled with larger tires, creates a rugged and commanding presence on the road. Lift kits often come with various customization options, allowing truck owners to personalize their vehicles to reflect their unique style and preferences.

Clearance for Modifications

Lift kits provide additional space underneath the truck, making it easier to install aftermarket components such as skid plates, differential covers, and suspension upgrades. These modifications can enhance durability, protection, and performance, particularly for off-road applications.

Improved Visibility

With a higher vantage point, lifted trucks offer better visibility of the road ahead, which can be advantageous for navigating through traffic or traversing off-road obstacles. This improved sightline can enhance safety and confidence behind the wheel, especially in challenging driving conditions.

Be prepared

While lift kits offer several benefits, it's important to note that they can also impact certain aspects of a truck's performance, such as handling and fuel efficiency. Additionally, improper installation or excessive lifting can potentially compromise vehicle safety and legality. Therefore, it's essential for truck owners to carefully consider their needs and preferences, as well as consult with experienced professionals, when deciding whether to install a lift kit on their vehicles.