Zone Offroad

When you're driving the best American Trucks on the road, you need the right suspension that doesn't break the bank. Look no further than Zone Offroad Suspension + Outback Kitters Shock lift kits from Outback Kitters.

Outback Kitters is Australia's #1 offical wholesaler and authorised distributor of Zone Offroad in Australia. We're the largest distributor of Zone Offroad outside of the United States with 100's of lift kits in stock.

Choose Outback Kitters for local knowledge, local stock, and upgraded kits for local Australian conditions. We validate, research, install, test and help develop these kits. We're not just an online store.

Zone Offroad kits are strong, reliable and affordable and when matched up with the Outback Kitters Remote Reservoir Shocks, you have a lift kit that's been refined to withstand the harsh Australian conditions.

Reach out if you need a recommended installer in Australia and New Zealand. We have experienced installers available to help make you adventure ready.

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