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Snorkels are an essential accessory to the overlanding experience and will you withstand the harsh conditions of the Australian Outback.

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A raised air intake snorkel, often simply referred to as a snorkel, is a component typically found in off-road vehicles, such as trucks, SUVs, and some recreational vehicles. Its primary function is to draw in air for the engine from a higher point, usually above the vehicle's roof level. This design feature provides several benefits:

Water Crossing

One of the main purposes of a raised air intake snorkel is to allow the vehicle to safely cross bodies of water without the risk of water entering the engine's air intake system. By positioning the intake higher, above the water level that the vehicle might encounter, it reduces the likelihood of water being sucked into the engine during crossings.

The installation procedure for the AEV Snorkel does not suggest to seal the airbox. If you intend to do water crossings with your Ram 2500/3500, then it is at the discretion of the customer / installer to seal the airbox to prevent water ingress. This falls outside the manufacturer's and Outback Kitters' liability for the performance of this product.

Dusty Environments

Snorkels are also useful in dusty or sandy environments where traditional air intakes might draw in fine particles that can damage the engine. By pulling air from a higher point, snorkels can minimize the amount of dust or sand ingested by the engine.

Improved Airflow: In certain off-road situations, a raised air intake can also provide a more consistent and cleaner airflow to the engine, especially when driving in dusty or low-oxygen environments.

Cooler Air

Depending on the vehicle's design and the location of the snorkel intake, it may also draw in cooler, denser air compared to the air taken in by traditional intakes located near the engine bay. Cooler air can improve engine performance by increasing air density and reducing the risk of pre-ignition (knocking).

Raised air intake snorkels typically consist of a durable plastic or metal tube that extends from the engine's air intake system to a point higher on the vehicle's body, often near the A-pillar or roofline. They are usually designed to withstand rugged off-road conditions and are sometimes equipped with features such as rain caps or pre-filters to further protect the engine from debris and water ingress. While primarily associated with off-road vehicles, snorkels have also gained popularity among some urban and adventure-oriented vehicle owners for their aesthetic appeal and perceived ruggedness.