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Understanding the Impact of Leveling Kits on Towing Capacity

by Bonn Del Mundo 26 Feb 2024 0 Comments


One of the first things truck owners do with their new half or three-quarter-ton truck is install a leveling or lift kit. As well as look to get bigger tires and other modifications. So does adding a leveling kit affect towing and loading up? The answer is yes it does and we have suspension to fix it.

First, a leveling kit is made to bring the front of the truck up and make it level. A lift kit will also level the truck but, it raises both the front and the rear. The reason people level their trucks is that, from the factory, it comes with something called a rake. Which is when the back of the truck sits higher than the front. Manufacturers expect truck owners to really load up the bed or tow. So, when they do the truck sags and you end up with a level truck. That means when you add a lift or a leveling kit and load up, now you’ve got a sagging problem.

Level Up And Stay There

The good news is there are many ways to fix the rear end sag on your truck. And that’s true whether you have a lifted truck, a level truck, or even a stock truck. Our Journey Better Leveling Kits not only level your truck but they keep you there. So rather than selling a problem and a solution separately, we’ve created a leveling kit that’s built for towing. These leveling kits are designed to give your truck the level stance and room to add bigger tires that you’re looking for but they don’t create a sagging problem or a negative ride comfort when you load up. So when you get your truck level you can add bigger tires and can keep it level even when you’re towing the boat, camper, or a bunch of fire wood.

Eliminate The Rear-End Sag

If you already have a lift or leveling kit we actually have a solution for you. For a long time, the go-to in people’s minds for dealing with a sagging truck was airbags. That’s not a bad solution but it also comes with lines, leaks, minimum air pressures, air compressors, and maintenance for the life of those bags. SumoSprings are the airbag alternative. They’re a fit it and forget it solution with zero maintenance and a lifetime warranty. Now because SumoSprings aren’t made from rubber and they’re not a bag filled with air nothing else really performs as they do. That’s really a game changer when you’re loading up the truck or towing a trailer. Especially, because these have been track tested and proven to reduce vibration by almost 70%.

Already Loaded Up?

If you’ve got a truck that’s constantly loaded or you’re towing a lot you might consider looking at our SuperSprings steel helper springs. These are an add-a-leaf alternative that bolt-on and are designed to add spring rate to the existing leaf pack on your vehicle. SuperSprings eliminate rear-end sag, and reduce body roll, but the caution here is that they might negatively affect your unloaded ride quality if you’re not constantly loaded up or constantly towing.

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