Fox Factory Performance Elite Series

Outback Kitters takes immense pride in offering the Fox 2.5" Remote Reservoir Performance Elite Series Shocks, a true marvel in the world of suspension technology. Renowned for their unrivaled performance, these shocks stand as the pinnacle of excellence in the industry.

With superior dampening control, advanced reservoir design, and precision engineering, they effortlessly conquer the most challenging terrains, delivering an unparalleled driving experience. 

Transform your ride with Fox 2.5" Performance Elite Series, which are arguably the best shocks on the market. 


Expand your vehicle’s capability with an oversized performance shock that increases strength, provides control and extended wheel travel specifically engineered for your vehicle. The larger aluminum body dissipates heat more efficiently and the increased internal oil volume allows for more control through FOX’s race-developed high-flow pistons.
Conquer more terrain knowing with our 22mm hard chromed shock shaft and a redundant seal pack, designed for harsh environments and extreme conditions. Fully serviceable for a lifetime of use.
Confidence comes with control. FOX Performance Elite shocks offer the widest range of adjustability we offer. Easily adjust your shock for terrain, load and speed to stay in control and confident no matter what path you take.                                 


  • 2.5” diameter one-piece aluminum bodies and external reservoirs increase oil volume to combat heat buildup from extended off-road use at speed;
  • Race-developed high-flow pistons and vehicle-specific valving improve both off-road performance and on-road balance.


  • External compression adjusters allow you to quickly adapt the shocks to a wide variety of terrain and vehicle loads, providing the ideal setting to tackle the trickiest off-road obstacles or tame the twists and turns on the asphalt with the turn of a knob.


  • Redundant sealing pack and beefy (22mm) shaft ensure durability over the long haul;
  • Fully-rebuildable design means these shocks can be maintained and even adapted through different internal tuning options to the ongoing changes of your vehicle.