Why choose an Outback Kitters Pre Runner Bar?

When it comes to exploring the great outdoors or venturing off the beaten path, having reliable and durable equipment is essential. Outback Kitters Pre Runner Bars are a shining example of high-quality Australian design and craftsmanship, perfectly suited for American vehicles. Built to withstand the harshest terrains and equipped with numerous features, these bars offer unbeatable performance and versatility.

  1. Australian Design and Manufactured: Outback Kitters Pre Runner Bars proudly bear the mark of Australian design and craftsmanship. Australia is known for its rugged landscapes and challenging off-road conditions, which serve as the perfect testing ground for creating equipment that can handle extreme environments. With decades of experience in manufacturing top-notch off-road accessories, Outback Kitters ensures that their products are specifically tailored to meet the needs of adventure enthusiasts, both in Australia and beyond.

  2. Built for Harsh Terrains: American off-roaders often encounter diverse and demanding terrains, ranging from rocky mountains to muddy trails and sandy deserts. Outback Kitters Pre Runner Bars are purpose-built to withstand these challenges. Constructed from robust materials and engineered for maximum strength, these bars offer exceptional protection to the front of your vehicle, guarding against impacts, brush, and other obstacles that may be encountered during off-road adventures.

  3. Rated Recovery Points: Safety is paramount when traversing treacherous terrains. Outback Kitters Pre Runner Bars feature strategically placed rated recovery points, providing secure anchor points for winching or recovery operations. These recovery points are designed and tested to meet stringent standards, ensuring reliable performance when it matters most. With the added peace of mind that comes from having dependable recovery options, drivers can confidently tackle any off-road obstacle.

  4. Recessed Winch Fairlead and Number Plate Clearance: One common concern when installing a winch is maintaining sufficient clearance for the vehicle's number plate. Outback Kitters addresses this issue with their recessed winch fairlead design. By creating a recessed area, the winch fairlead remains protected while simultaneously allowing ample space for number plates. Furthermore, our winch fairleads face forwards and straight, giving the winch it's optimal strength by pulling in a forward motion. This thoughtful design ensures compliance with local regulations and eliminates the need for aftermarket modifications.

  5. Winch Size: All Outback Kitters bars are designed to house the Sherpa 4x4 17,000lb winch. Why settle for less with such a big rig? The Sherpa Steed winch features a heavy-duty steel construction, ensuring durability and strength when it matters most. Its robust design, combined with advanced features such as a high-quality motor, reliable gearing, and a waterproof and dustproof rating, make it a dependable choice for off-road enthusiasts venturing into the unforgiving Australian outback.

  6. Optimal Airflow: Engine cooling is crucial, especially in challenging off-road conditions where dust and debris can clog the radiator. Outback Kitters Pre Runner Bars are engineered to provide the best possible airflow, allowing for efficient cooling of the engine even in the most demanding environments. This feature helps prevent overheating and ensures optimum performance during extended off-road adventures.

  7. Premium Materials: Outback Kitters Pre Runner Bars combine the use of high-quality materials to offer both strength and functionality. The main bars are manufactured from lightweight yet durable aluminum, striking a balance between weight reduction and robust construction. On the other hand, the winch cradle is made from sturdy steel, providing the necessary strength to handle the rigors of winching operations.

  8. Integrated 13" Lightbars: Visibility is critical when traversing challenging terrains, particularly during low-light conditions. Outback Kitters Pre Runner Bars come equipped 2 x integrated 13" lightbars that project a powerful beam of light, ensuring exceptional visibility up to 600 meters. These lightbars are strategically positioned to illuminate the trail ahead, making nighttime driving safer and more enjoyable.

Outback Kitters Pre Runner Bars offer a winning combination of Australian design, exceptional craftsmanship, and innovative features specifically tailored to suit American vehicles.

With their robust construction, rated recovery points, recessed winch fairlead, optimal airflow, premium materials, and integrated 13" lightbars, these bars provide unmatched performance in harsh terrains. Whether you're planning an off-road expedition or seeking added protection for your American vehicle, Outback Kitters Pre Runner Bars are the perfect choice for any adventure enthusiast.